Four-Weekly Dues

Four-weekly autopay dues will be charged to member’s credit card on file with us automatically on every fourth week from the day of purchase. In the event of a late payment, failed transaction, or declined payment attempt, a fee of $5 shall be added to the Member’s outstanding dues for each occurrence.


Class Packs

All class packs, including single class pack, are due in full on the day of purchase.


Amendment or Cancellation of Autopay Membership

For cancellation of services and autopay payments, written notice must be requested through the Unified Boxing Club app at least 30 days in advance.


Freezing Membership

Memberships may be frozen for a minimum of two weeks up to four weeks once a calendar year. To freeze a membership, the member must email at least 48 hours before desired freeze date. At the sole discretion of management, Unified Boxing Club may allow a membership to be frozen due to medical reasons with a physician’s written verification presented at the time of request. The physician must indicate the member’s inability to train for a minimum of one month. Freezes do not override the member’s need to give 30 days’ notice before the next payment to terminate an autopay


Subject to Adjust Operation Hours and Facility

At the sole discretion of management and without notice, Unified Boxing Club reserves the right to alter or amend staffed hours of operation, make changes to the physical facilities, change equipment, alter, amend or eliminate programs and activities, and temporarily close for all major holidays.


Late Cancel and/or No Show Class Policy

Classes are to be reserved in advanced. The member has up to 8 hours before class to cancel with no penalty fee. Any cancellations after that time will be considered a “Late Cancel” and will be subject to a $5 penalty for any member with an unlimited membership. If the member have purchased a single class or a class pack variation, the member will lose the class when “Late Cancel”. Any unattended class that is not cancelled is considered “No Show” and will be subject to a $10 penalty fee. If the member have purchased a single class or a class pack variation, the member will be charged with $10 for “No Show”.


EFT Payment Authorization

All reoccurring and incidental charges are conducted by means of Electronic Finds Transfer (EFT). Member or Buyer does hereby authorize Unified Boxing Club, third-party billing administrator to electronically and automatically bill their bank or credit card company (as indicated) for payment by the way of EFT. This EFT billing may apply to: Fortnightly Dues, Prepaid Membership Renewal Fees, Late Cancel/No Show charges, or related incidental/service charges as a result of insufficient Funds.



All online and in-store purchases (memberships, merchandise, gears etc.) are non-refundable and non-transferrable.