The Studio

Welcome to
Unified Boxing Club!

Step into our boutique boxing fitness studio, a place meticulously designed to equipt members with the foundation required for continual development through a combination of traditional boxing exercises with the contemporary approach to fitness.

Shower available

water filling station

workout towel, hand wraps, boxing gloves required

The studio

Our 45-minute group circuit training sessions are divided into three zones, nine stations each, incorporating a mix of training including shadow boxing, bag and mitt work, plyometric and metabolic conditioning exercises, as well as body and lightweight intense interval training. You'll also engage with specialized boxing equipment like the speed bag, reflex trainer, and dummies.

While our workouts are non-contact, they cater to both advanced athletes and beginners, emphasizing the importance of strong foundations.

Workout towel, hand wraps and boxing gloves are required. We also have them available for purchase at the studio.

Limited parking is available, but ample street parking can be found in the neighborhood.

We provide restroom facilities and a shower for your convenience, perfect for freshening up before your next meeting, catching up with friends, or running errands.

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